Insulin For Alzheimer’s Disease

Image courtesy: Marcelo Vieira, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

New research published today says that insulin, the hormone used to treat diabetes, might some day be useful for treating or preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Undoing Depression

You can train dogs to bark or sit. But what about training mice to grow new brain cells? A Nobel Prize winning scientist has done that, and he says it could lead to new ways to treat depression in people.

Robot Lizards’ Pushups Fool Real Lizards

A robot lizard that does pushups! No, it’s not the latest must-have toy this Christmas. It’s a research tool for studying “lizard-speak” in the wild.

Annoying Anti-Spam Web Tool Is Helping Digitize History

Anyone who’s spent much time online has encountered websites that require you to solve distorted word puzzles to “prove you’re human.” You may find them annoying but now that effort may not be going to waste. Turns out you and millions of others could be transcribing old books and newspapers little by little, every day.

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Your Memory Is Bigger and Better Than Scientists Expected

Good news about our brains—turns out our visual memory is bigger and better than previously thought. The study authors even offer a tip to help improve your memory, and keep you from losing your keys.

Threat and Politics: Are Political Views Rooted in Biology?

If you got into an argument this election season with someone who supported the other guy, chances are neither of you won. Maybe it’s not just stubbornness. New research has found that people with strong opposing political views might also have very different physical responses to threat.


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