What’s One Car Worth?; Backyard Climate Blog

If there’s one choice we make every day that has the greatest single impact on our carbon footprint, for most of us it’s how we move ourselves and our gear from Point A to Point B.

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A Vaccine For Swine AND Bird Flu?

While such a vaccine is not ready yet, government researchers are in the midst of promising research into a vaccine that could help prevent all kind of flu, even those that have not even happened yet.

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2009 Benjamin Franklin Medal Winner: George Whitesides

As one of the oldest and most prestigious science and technology awards programs in the world, The Franklin Institute Awards Program presented the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Medals in six fields of science and engineering. In addition to the Benjamin Franklin Medals, two Bower Awards were presented for achievements made in science and business leadership.

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Dig Hole, Add Free Tree, Water

Before you start digging that hole, aren’t you wondering where to get the tree? The Arbor Day Foundation has you covered.

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Don’t Drive to the Earth Day Event: Backyard Climate Blog

Ah, Earth Day, that glorious time of year when we gather to celebrate the planet and recommit ourselves to its preservation – if only it weren’t for that awkward moment when we pull up in front of the flapping green banners and compost bins to park the car.

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Catch of the Day

Trolling the web today, we found a decent primer on the issue of seafood and pitfalls like overfishing or the unintended effects of aquaculture.

Image: Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna, courtesy NOAA

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Muscular Dystrophy Drug

Researchers have discovered a potential drug for the most common kind of muscular dystrophy. As this ScienCentral News video explains, they’re using a protein already found in the human body to combat muscle damage.

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Heat Waves Are Coming: Backyard Climate Blog

It may be hard to believe, but while much of the eastern U.S. was digging out from a series of snowstorms, Earth as a whole was experiencing its ninth warmest February on record.

Image: 2007 US heat wave, courtesy: NASA

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City Vs. Country Birds

Biologists are comparing country bumpkins and city slickers…among birds. Find out how our feathered friends compare in the age-old debate.

Image: Black Flowerpiercer, courtesy of Paul Martin

Bug-Built Batteries Can Equal Lithium Ion’s Power

Researchers using genetically engineered viruses to build a better rechargeable battery have now shown that the technology can perform as well as commercially available high-power lithium-ion batteries, but can be produced using less energy and fewer toxic chemicals.

Image courtesy: Georg Fantner

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