Early Birds & Springtime

The sounds of birds chirping and fluttering outside your bedroom window are a welcome sign of spring, but scientists have evidence that suggests birds are nesting earlier due to global warming. And the harmful consequences aren’t just for the birds, as this ScienCentral video explains.

Climate 101

A group of government agencies has just released “an easily readable document” consisting of the things you need to know in order to be literate about the science of climate change. It is a non-political review of the scientific facts and a must-read as far as we’re concerned.

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CO2 and Plant Pests

Researchers are finding that rising levels of carbon dioxide in the air might be bad for our gardens and food prices, even though plants need CO2 to breathe. Research is showing that too much CO2 can make at least one major crop more vulnerable to pests.

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Green Nanotechnology

Some are calling it a revolution in manufacturing technology. But, will nanotechnology be a “green” industry? It’s a question that some scientists are saying needs to be answered now, before nano-tech goes big-time.

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“The Happening” and Plant Science

In “The Happening,” common plants release a neurotoxin that threatens the survival of the human race. Scientists say summer is a good time to familiarize yourself with toxic plants that can be harmful to your health.

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Melting Glaciers

Scientists are trying to figure out the mystery of exactly how global warming is causing Greenland’s glaciers to speed up on their way to the sea. The leading suspect in this case has been cleared…mostly.

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