Subscribing to ScienCentral

Why subscribe?

Subscribing allows you to receive electronic notification whenever new articles and videos are published to ScienCentral. And yes, this convenient service is free! You can subscribe to ScienCentral’s content in a variety of ways.

Subscribing to Our RSS Feed

An RSS Feed is simply a way for a blog or website to notify readers when new content is published. To receive our feed, you’ll need a feed reader. Instead of checking all your favorite websites for new content, you can subscribe to all of their RSS Feeds and just check your feed reader to see which ones have been updated!

There are many feed readers available for free, and many web browsers have this function built in. For more information on RSS Feeds and some recommendations for feed readers, check out this article at Google’s help center. NOTE: All our RSS feeds are podcast friendly!

Click here to choose from our RSS Feed subscription options!

Subscribe using iTunes

If you use iTunes, just clicking on the iTunes button on our home page should launch your iTunes player, and initiate a subscription to ScienCentral’s videos. You can then use iTunes to put our videos onto your iPod or iPhone. ScienCentral videos will download into a section of your Library (found in the upper left pane of your iTunes player) called Podcasts. From then on, new video content on ScienCentral will download automatically whenever you launch iTunes. To cancel this automatic subscription, just delete ScienCentral from your Library. If you don’t currently have the iTunes software, you’ll need to install it before doing any of this – just visit the iTunes website and follow the instructions.

Click here to subscribe to ScienCentral’s videos using iTunes!


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