Baby Names and Fads

As we sign those Mother’s Day cards, most of us know the story behind the choice of our names. Now, new research published this week looks at baby names as a window into how popular trends catch on and die out. This ScienCentral News video explains.

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Hand Bacteria

You may have heard a study about a study saying girls’ hands have more bacteria than guys. But, as you’ll see in this ScienCentral News video, that study shows other fascinating things, like the bacteria on your right hand is different from your left and, while hand-washing is effective in combating bacteria, bacteria levels come back quickly.

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Water Bears Return From Space

What happens when you send 3,000 water bears on a 12-day mission into outer
space? Researchers hope the answer will teach us something about genetic
self-repair. [Photo: Bob Goldstein]

Ask an Astronaut: Buzz Aldrin – Pt. 1

In this Web exclusive, ScienCental caught up with Buzz Aldrin at the premiere of his new animated 3D movie “Fly Me to the Moon,” and then took to the streets to gather questions for the iconic astronaut.

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