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The Serenade of the Sterile Mosquito

A new study from Cornell University has introduced new information about the mating “song” of mosquitoes that could help scientists engineer—you guessed it—sexier mosquitoes!

Pink Iguana Discovered in Galapagos; “Doh!” says Darwin

Image courtesy of PNAS/Gabrielle Gentile

One-hundred fifty years after Charles Darwin published On The Origin of Species—the book that laid out his theory of natural selection as a means of evolution—scientists are hailing the evolutionary significance of a creature that Darwin missed during his time in the Galápagos Islands: the pink iguana.

Trees and Forests Show Stress From Global Warming

When we bring a tree into the living room for the holidays we know it will lose needles. But, this season millions of trees still in the forest are losing needles, leaves – and their lives — at the hands of beetles. With the help of global warming, the tiny pests are doing the kind of damage to forests you might think only fires could do.

Robot Lizards’ Pushups Fool Real Lizards

A robot lizard that does pushups! No, it’s not the latest must-have toy this Christmas. It’s a research tool for studying “lizard-speak” in the wild.

Dishonest Fiddler Crabs Score More Babes, Thanks To Bogus Claws

Just look at this fellow. Seems like the trustworthy type, right? The kind of crab who would take long scuttles on the beach, dine on some detritus by moonlight, and then go home to meet your mother? Alas, this is not the case.

Thanksgiving Leftovers: The Turkey Genome

Rather than give you the same tomfoolery as other sites this Thanksgiving, we thought it would be worth re-posting a story we did at the start of the Turkey Genome Mapping Project. Gobble gobble.

Baby Scent and Dads

Even the toughest dads can get warm and fuzzy when it comes to their kids. Now researchers studying monkeys have found that’s not just an attitude, it’s a physical response to the mere scent of their infant. This ScienCentral News video explains.

Fly Swat Science

Why are flies so hard to swat? It took the world’s top fly researchers at Caltech to give us the answer. This ScienCentral News video explains the finding that will give you pointers the next time you swing your swatter.

Hot Chili Secret

Chili peppers can add a little spice to your dish, but where does that heat come from? See why researchers say it’s a rare case where we can be thankful for bugs and a fungus.

Baby Talk & Brain Waves

Researchers studying the brains of toddlers say the strength of their brain waves can indicate language ability. The research might lead to early identification of language impairment. [If you cannot see the flash video below, you can click here for a high quality mp4 video.] Interviewees: April Benasich, Center for Neurosciences at Rutgers& Gary Marcus, […]


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