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No Water Grass

Worried about how much water you use, but love your healthy-looking yard? New research into how plants conserve water may help scientists to engineer a less thirsty lawn.

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The Real WALL-E

The new Disney movie WALL-E features robots of the future actively helping humans. But the future is now. A real robot called uBot could help us take care of elderly relatives from miles away.

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Tip of the Tongue: Web Extra

ScienCentral went out on the streets of New York City to catch people having real tip-of-the-tongue experiences.

Tip of the Tongue Learning

When you can’t quite remember a tricky word or somebody’s name, trying to excavate it from your memory might be the worst thing you can do, according to new psychology research.

Fly Flight Simulators

Scientists have built a flight simulator for the fly. The work could lead to new flying robots.

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3-D Microscope

Scientists have invented a way to trick a light microscope into revealing more details than ever before seen.

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Robot Dog Therapy

New research suggests that robotic dogs can give you some of the same benefits you’d get from the real thing.

Better Bug Spray

DEET is the most widely used mosquito repellent for the last five decades. So isn’t it time scientists discovered a better one? New research could bring us a better bug spray.

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Seeing Hungry

Ghrelin, the chemical in your stomach that causes hunger, also changes how your
brain perceives food.

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Blind Dog Cure

A dying and blind dog was given a last opportunity to see, thanks to a veterinarian who has figured out why some dogs suddenly go blind.

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