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Network of Citizens’ Laptops Will Monitor Earthquakes

Scientists want you to help them catch earthquakes. Rather, they want your computer to do it. As you’ll see in this ScienCentral News video, scientists hope to use the down time on people’s computers to help get a better profile on earthquakes as they happen.

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Robofish Can Communicate and “Hunt” Together

Engineers are developing underwater robots that swim like fish, as well as work and communicate with each other underwater. As you’ll see in this ScienCentral News video, these “Robofish” do all of this without someone on the surface directing them.

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Unfiltered, A New Series

An explanation, and the first installment, of our “Unfiltered” blog series featuring our reporters’ personal thoughts on the stories they produce.

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Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are coming to a house or apartment near you. As you’ll see in ScienCentral video, researchers are getting appliances to work together to reduce electrical demand and avoid blackouts.

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“Tongue Mouse” Can Control a Wheelchair or Computer

Imagine changing channels or surfing the web with just a flick of your tongue. Researchers have come up with such a device. As this ScienCentral News video shows, it’s for those who are paralyzed that the system holds the most promise.

Fish Comeback

Could a change in the rules governing commercial fishing actually reverse a worldwide trend of declining fish populations? As this ScienCentral video explains, a just-released study of where those rules have changed says, “yes.”

Hole in the Head: Golf and Perception

Psychologists have found that golfers who’ve played well perceive the hole as bigger than it really is. As this ScienCentral video explains, the researchers also found those who did poorly saw the hole as smaller than it really is.

CO2 and Acid Oceans

Research is showing carbon dioxide is not only causing global warming, it’s also causing sea water to become more acidic. The question of what this means for sea life is becoming a hot topic for everyone from scientists to filmmakers.

Pill Camera

Scientists have developed a controllable camera that you swallow like a pill. As this ScienCentral report explains, the key feature is a tether that allows doctors to steer it.

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Asthma Vest

Scientists are trying out a new tool to determine what triggers asthma attacks, especially in children. Engineers have created a vest full of air sampling equipment that monitors and records what’s in the air.

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