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Trolling the web today, we found a decent primer on the issue of seafood and pitfalls like overfishing or the unintended effects of aquaculture.

The story, "Seafood Choice," at caught our attention because if brings up several issues we’re reported on in the past.

If you like that post, you might want to dive in and check out some of our related news videos:

Fish Comeback
Could a change in the rules governing commercial fishing reverse the trend of declining fish populations? A study of where those rules have changed says "yes."

No Fish By 2050
Research shows that, if present fishing practices are allowed to continue, there will be no viable ocean fishing in just another 40 to 50 years. The research, published in the journal ‘Science,’ is the result of four years of work by a dozen scientists from all over the world.

Fish Hotspots
Ocean scientists are reporting that there’s been a major decrease in the variety of ocean life in the past fifty years in many of the world’s oceans.

Over Fishing
Should the number of people who fish for fun be limited? That’s the contention of scientists who have shown that recreational fishing has a much bigger impact than originally thought.

Industrialized Fishing
A study published in the journal Nature reveals that there may be as little as ten per-cent of major marine life left in the sea.

Gone Fishing
Using a device that was once part of the problem, biologists are angling for ways to restore fish populations to their old abundance.

Tipping the Scales
Eating fish may be healthy for you, but eating some kinds of fish may not be healthy for the environment. Some species of fish are so depleted they are now in danger of disappearing from markets and restaurants.


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