Scientists Win Lasker for micro-RNA Discovery

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The “Dark Matter” of Cells

Over the last half-century, geneticists have made sense out of what was once a nebulous universe of molecular matter. But there is always more than meets the microscope. The Lasker Foundation has announced that Doctors Victor Ambros, Gary Ruvkun, and David Baulcombe won the Lasker Medical Prize for a discovery that shook the genetics community — tiny RNA molecules that have the ability to “silence” genes, a property that may have far-reaching implications for the way we approach cancer treatment and other genetic disease therapies.

ScienCentral recently produced a video profile of these three scientists that screened at the 2008 Franklin Institute Awards Ceremony, where they were honored with the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Science. Below you will find an extended interview clip where they delve into the science behind the exciting discovery that led to this recognition.

Interviewees: Victor Ambros, UMASS Medical School,
Gary Ruvkun, Harvard University & David Baulcombe, Univ. of Cambridge
Copyright © ScienCentral, Inc.
Footage courtesy The Franklin Institute

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